Thursday, 21 July 2016

Things I Think You Need to Know to Make Your Life Easier

It’s important to make your life as harmonious and stress-free as you can. And that means ensuring that you know everything you need to and can do everything your life requires. These are some of the things that I think it would be useful to know to make your life easier.

When is Bin Day?

It’s the small things that make a big difference to our lives. And I would strongly recommend figuring out when bin day is. You need to know the days that your rubbish will be collected so you can get it out in time. If you miss the window, you’re going to have a build-up of rubbish, and this is unsightly and unhygienic. So, make sure you are aware of exactly when your bins are due for collection.

How to Unblock Your Phone

Our phones play such a huge role in our professional and personal lives. And we need to be able to access them and use them whenever we want. But, sometimes we get issues that may prevent us from using our phones. I have found a locked or blocked phone to be a major annoyance and inconvenience. But, the good thing is that nowadays, if you need to unlock iPhone handsets it's now very doable. Rather than having to go out of your way to find someone to do it for you it’s possible to do it from home. This can make such a difference in your life and it means your phone is always useable.

Where to Look for Offers

I think that it’s important to know where to look for special offers these days. The cost of living is so expensive and seems to be on the rise every year. So, we always need to look for ways to save money by cutting down on living costs. And, the best way to achieve that is to make sure you use special offers. Now, a lot of the time you can find plenty of vouchers, coupons, and offers by searching online. Whether you’re saving money on your hobby, or on your shopping, it's still useful to use these offers.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Common Mistakes Made by Online Casino Beginners

I’ve written before about online casinos and gambling online. But I wanted to spend today talking about some of the common issues many beginners will face. There is a lot of allure involved with gambling online, but there is a serious learning curve to get over. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to do to protect yourself and keep your online casino action fun and safe.

Not understanding how to play

There are a lot of different games you can play at an online casino, from slots through to roulette and card games. Click here to find out more about the range of games that are available. However, don’t expect to turn up and start winning straight away. It’s vital to understand the rules of each game - and some basic knowledge of strategy. It’s especially important when you play games like poker or blackjack, so get learning before you start spending any money.

Not following the practice makes perfect rule

The good news is that many online casinos offer a safe place to play, where you don’t spend any money. It’s worth spending a while on the beginner poker tables, for example, before going up against the competition. Of course, you will have a lot of enthusiasm about winning money straight away. But, without getting a feel for the game first, you are going to waste your hard earned cash before getting anything back.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Recommended Useful Apps for You to Download Right Now

There are so many useful apps these days that you will benefit from. And you need to think about which ones you should be using. Here is a list I’ve come up with of some of the types of apps I think you should download right now.

Messaging App

Staying in touch with friends and family is so important these days. And the great thing about smartphones is that it makes it so easy to do. You should check out all the messaging apps out there and choose the best one. In fact, you might even want to check out Game Advice’s recommendation to help you make this decision. Messaging apps are so important these days, and you need to make sure you have at least one. It’s your way of keeping your finger on the pulse, and staying connected with your friends.


One of the most useful things we use apps for these days is travel. Now, this might be when you’re traveling abroad and you want to check flight information or the local area. Or it could just be travel information about going out and about near you. Apps like AroundMe are perfect for this, and they will help you to find out loads of information about your local area. This is so useful for making your life more efficient, and for discovering locations when you’re out and about. There are other travel apps you might find useful like train or taxi apps to help you get from A to B. Make sure you check out these apps as soon as you can.


If you have a car you will find your smartphone very useful. Picture the scene - it’s a busy weekend, and you’ve decided to drive into town to do some shopping. But you get there and spend a half hour trying to find a parking space. Well, that’s why you need to download parking apps for your smartphone. There are quite a few of these around, and you may want to check out reviews to determine the best ones. You can use these apps to help find out where there are parking spaces in your local area. This is guaranteed to make your life a lot less stressful and expedite the shopping trip significantly.


One of the original phone apps has got to be in the form of a music app. If you have a smartphone you might think about using iTunes on the iPhone, or downloading Spotify on Windows Phone 8. Being able to listen to music whenever you want to is really important. I like to have my iTunes playlist running on my way to work, or when I’m out and about. I think it’s great to have a soundtrack to your day, and it provides a bit of excitement. Music is a good release and a wonderful way of getting rid of stress. So make sure you have you have a music app on your phone today!

Sunday, 1 May 2016

My New Addiction: Slitherio Game

A few days ago, a friend introduced me to a new Slitherio game. Since I started playing, I just can’t stop! It’s probably the most addictive and enjoyable game I have played in a long time. At the risk of spreading this joyful addiction, I want to show you all the game as well. Maybe you will enjoy it as much as I do, and we can find ourselves in the Slitherio world, battling against each other.

What is Slitherio?

The Slitherio game is a web-based game that is very easy to play and offers many challenges. The premise is simple: you are a snake and your target is to eat light orbs. As you eat them, your snake becomes longer and gains points [just like the older snake game!]. However, if you crash against another snake, your character dies immediately and turns into orbs of light, which other snakes eat like vultures diving on prey. But you can do the same to other snakes: play the game skillfully and you can kill snakes of all sizes to eat their light orb remains.

The challenge is that every snake in the map is another real player, strategizing to enlarge their own character. Some will swoop in front of you, speed up, trap you and do anything they need to do to feed off your light orbs.

It’s an exhilarating game where you can’t help but restart a level as soon as you die.

Some Tips to Do Better

The game doesn’t come with instructions, so you need to learn as you go. Here are a few things I figured out and it has helped me reach higher up in the score board [so far, up to position #4!]:

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

3 Things You'll Need To Become A Skilled Gamer

Delving into the world of video games can feel quite overwhelming if you’re just starting out. It’s one thing trying to get used to single-player games, but what happens when online play comes into the mix? If you aren’t a competent player, there are thousands of others waiting to embarrass you online. You need to be able to do what it takes to beat these gamers, and it’s not as difficult as you might think. Everyone’s got the ability to do it, but you’ll need to put in the effort in order to succeed. Let’s go through a few things that you’ll need.

Firstly, the key ingredient of any successful gamer is lots and lots of practice. When Call Of Duty and FIFA first hit the market, no-one was any good at them. The people who sit atop the leaderboards today have played hours and hours of it and honed their craft. If you want to compete with the best of the best, you just need to play a lot. You’ll learn plenty of skills over time and start to understand how the game works. You don’t even need to think too hard to do this; you’ll naturally grow accustomed to the game and start playing more effectively. Get lots of practice in as much as you can, and you’ll start beating your online opponents.

It’s not easy to play games with poor equipment. You’ll need a durable gaming mouse and keyboard if you’re playing on PC. Consoles also offer hardware upgrades such as more accurate controllers if you want that sort of thing. Primarily, however, it’s the PC gamers who are going to benefit from this the most. By investing in the best equipment, you’ll be best placed to take advantage and start winning.

Finally, studying and learning the intricacies of the game is also important. You’ll get to a point where you struggle to learn new things, and help is at hand if you find yourself in this position. You can find all sorts of online resources to help you along, from walkthroughs to cheats. ManyYouTubers make tutorial videos that you can enlist the help of, and strategy guides can be bought from many book stores. Whatever you think you’ll need in order to conquer the field, invest in it. Sometimes, the pros will even hold Q&A sessions online where you can ask them questions about how to be the best.

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