Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Game Pastime: Never Underestimate The Playfish "Restaurant City" Forum

originally posted on 5 September 2009, Saturday

I've tried all possible ways to level up my dishes on Restaurant City (RC) as quick as possible. I've traded with friends, tried to answer correctly the daily quizzes and purchased as much necessary ingredients from the market during the days the market have the ingredients I need. Still, leveling up has been as slow as the turtle.

(a snapshot of my restaurant on level 27 in Restaurant City)
So, a week ago, I've joined the Playfish forum, created my account and fixed my profile. The same day, I've posted my first thread about my desire to trade in some of my ingredients to other RC players. In just a few minutes, I've received lots of requests and without knowing, I've had the ingredients I've been desperately needing for weeks! I now have one dish on level 10, another on level 9 and the third dish on level 8. My drinks however is still a disaster. It's so difficult to find ice cream. I have been able to buy enough milk from the market yesterday, enough until I reach the maximum level. However, I lack ice cream and a few strawberries. Well well, I hope that my luck finds me again soon!

Anyway, if you are having a hard time leveling up those dishes, join the forum and make the magic happen!

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