Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Game Pastime: Test Your Patience With Bubble Spinner

originally posted on 3 September 2009, Thursday

If you feel like challenging the level of your patience, do it with Bubble Spinner. It's one challenging game that will definitely turn your patience upside down.

The game looks so simple at first. But when you begin shooting that ball and the spinning starts, that is where the fun and stress combination will strike you.

If you are curious as I am, you can play the game below and try it yourself.

I began playing the game some weeks ago when I noticed Lena's (my boyfriend's mom) post on her wall on Facebook showing her 2,000 something score in Bubble Spinner. As usual, I got curious and started playing it, too. The first three tries were a mess that I only garnered 300+ as my highest score. Determined to get a better score, I tried it again the following day and reached 500+. I could no longer completely recall but some days later, I hit 2,700+, beat Lena's record and was so overjoyed that I boasted to my boyfriend about it. However, 2 days later, Lena took over my record with a mind-boggling 9,000+! That time, I decided to stop as I knew that it was already so impossible to get a higher one than that.

My boyfriend who only tried the game a couple of weeks ago already made 7,700+ before going to bed last night. Grrrr... I was so irritated that after my Math class this morning, I played some. I wasn't lucky enough to beat my boyfriend's and Lena's records but I got a new high score of 5,325 points!

Better luck for me next time!

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