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Game Pastime: What Happens To The Seed I've Planted In Restaurant City?

originally posted on 30 August 2009, Sunday

So you have now noticed the small garden right beside your restaurant in Restaurant City (RC) and that you are wondering what the fuss is all about, right?

The day RC launched the garden containing 9 plots, I got surprised, too. (If you are interested, you can read about that post here.) Since RC's garden feature was released when I was already on the 21st level, I got 3 plots already ready for me to plant seeds on and the other 6 plots were still locked (I could only unlock each when reaching levels 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32). Anyway, curious as I was, I immediately planted one seed each on the three plots available for me to use. Each seed cost me 2,000 coins. Expensive but I thought it might be worth the try. Each planted plot had to be watered every 9 hours or else they would wilt and so I did. After the long 48 hours were over, my crops were ready for me to be harvested. I was so happy and excited to see what I would be harvesting!

The catch? You will never know what seed you are planting onto your garden. When planting seeds, you can not choose which crop to grow and so you will only what it is by the time you are going to harvest it. So it's all about taking risks. If you are lucky, you have planted the seed you need for your ingredients. If unlucky, the item you've harvested will just be useless in your kitchen unless you get a friend to trade it with.

Anyway, I planted 3 seeds 48 hours ago and upon harvesting the crops just minutes ago, I got vanilla, coriander and ginger. I was unfortunate enough to realize what I waited patiently for 48 hours was of no use in my recipes. Since it was my first time to use the garden feature and did it for the experience, I said to myself that it was still worth the try and effort.

Just before my first three seeds were fully grown and ready for harvest, I reached the 22nd level which unlocked another plot. With excitement, I planted another seed. Now I am thinking that it wasn't actually a smart move to do. I should have waited for the first 3 seeds to mature and see the results before replanting. (I do not have any idea on what that 4th seed will be by the time it's ready)

I am not implying that we shouldn't be using the new feature. It's actually cute plus who knows? You might be luckier than me, eh?

Anyway, below are some snapshots of my garden (click photos to enlarge):

on the photo below: 2 minutes to go before harvesting (still I didn't have any idea on what I would be getting)
on the photo below: Finally, the long wait was over. The plants were ready for harvest (you can see tiny glitters indicating that the plants are already matured).
on the photo below: You will only know what the fruits of your labor will be after clicking the ready-to-harvest plot and see the box as shown below.

There you go guys! It's okey to take your chances but do it wisely!

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