Friday, 11 September 2009

Learning French Pastime: Bonjour!

I've mentioned on one of my previous posts (you can check it here) about my French subject. Almost 2 weeks has passed and I am definitely improving little by little. I find French so difficult especially when it comes to its grammar rules and pronunciation which is why I am working harder on it.

I am taking French lessons through distance education. Not so many people are interested to enroll themselves to a French course. Due to this fact, lessons are only offered online which is sad because obviously, it is a lot better to get used to a certain language when you get the chance to train with your teacher and classmates face to face.

on the photo below: my French book, Mais Oui 1

This morning, the teacher handling the French class sent me an SMS inviting me to join the first teacher-student meeting of this semester at 2:15PM. Eager to learn a new language, I arrived on time and was surprised that I was the only student there. Well anyway, my teacher didn't care if others wouldn't want to join and so we had a one on one French session which turned out to be great! Since I was the only student present, my teacher's attention was only focused on me. She taught me the basic rules of grammar and pronunciation. I felt like I was in the first grade again learning how to read, write and speak. Didn't matter though as I was so happy to spend an hour and a half alone with my teacher, feeding my brain with French words.

After today's lecture, I can already introduce myself in French with the right spelling in writing and better articulation, stress and intonation in speaking.

Here goes my first try:

"Bonjour! Je m'appelle Maxi (Mary Anne). Je suis 30 ans. J' habite à La Suède. Je parle suèdois, anglais, tagalog et un peu de français. Au revoir!"

Anyone who knows the word "Tagalog" in French? Will surely appreciate some help here.

Okey. It is just the simplest form of stating a bit about myself. I really need to study harder so I can share something deeper next time.

Have a great day everyone. À tout à l’heure!


  1. Maybe it helps little hehe, my husband said it same word in french but different pronunciation, my husband learned french in school too :P and I am planning to do study french too..

  2. my boyfriend studied french too but only for a year. hmm. if you can see what i've written above, wala'y same words ka makita. naa same words pero gamay ra. kasagaran lahit jud and lisod pa jud ilitok. hehe.

    hope school pud ka french. enjoy man pud maski na magkabaliko-baliko ang dila. ngek.

  3. Bonjour! I took French subjects for 2 semesters too. Needless to say, it was really fun learning a new language. After learning French, it made it easier for me to pronounce French cuisines and expensive perfumes lol.

  4. i am having fun,t oo celine. just difficult especially when i do not have someone around to talk to with the language.

    have a great day and hugs!

  5. it's Tagalog. My French prof says Tagalog too and she's 100% French.


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