Sunday, 13 September 2009

Movie Pastime: The Final Destination 2009

After watching the first Final Destination Film (directed by James Wong) which was released in 2000, I was so excited when sometime in 2003 the sequel to the first film (directed by David R. Ellis) was shown in cinemas. To my surprise, Final Destination 3 (directedby James Wong) was given the go signal to be in theaters in February of 2006. After the 3rd film, I was no longer expecting for another Final Destination movie to hit the big screen.

While browsing the internet tonight, I've bumped on a link about The Final Destination (also known as Final Destination 4 and Final Destination: Death Trip) which is directed by David R. Ellis and has already been released on 28 August 2009 in the USA. It is scheduled to be in cinemas here in Sweden on the 18th of September. My boyfriend and I are still thinking if we are going to watch it on the big screen on just purchase a DVD of it and play it on our flat screen tv.

For the full synopsis of The Final Destination visit this page.

Trailer of The Final Destination:

Although this sequel has received a low rating of 5.3/10 (5,959 votes cast as of today) and has been quoted by others who have seen it already as the worst among the four, I am still interested to watch it and find out for myself if it's worth giving a two thumbs up or not.


  1. I watched the first 3 Final Destination movies. I was also surprised when I found out there's a fourth one. Hmmm maybe I will watch the movie for curiosity's sake. lol Out of the three, I think the first one is the best.

    By the way, I added your blogs on my blogroll. I hope you stop by my blog again. =)


  2. hello max,
    thanks for the visit. OO oi na add naman diay nako ni nga blog sa ako list dugay na hehe. gi add nko diritso nga wa na check. oo doble na siya sa ako blog list ha hehe. next time na nako i delete ang isa kay mag out nko kay as usual naay anak na samokan.
    happy sunday

  3. I agree with Celine in that the first one is the best of the bunch. I certainly wasn't expecting a fourth movie either. It's always tough to live up to expectations of a series of movies released before.

    Nice post my dear blugging friend!

  4. nice post about the movie Final Destination movies .... nice greetings my friend...:-)

  5. Celine: we're the same here! watched all first three films of final destination. also curious about the 4th one. added your blog to all my blogs, too. have a great day!

  6. ate weng. thanks for adding. yung may URL na ang isave mo ate. yung with delete mo nalang kasi not functioning na yung URL na yan.

    thanks ate weng! hugs!

  7. hello blugging 'd! i agree with you and celine. the first one is the best. not expecting much on the 4th one but still is interested to watch it. have a great day blugging d!

  8. thanks for dropping by here zvonko! i really appreciate it a lot

  9. hi! thanks for sharing this :) hindi po ba sha icky? i don't like po kasi seeing too much blood and killing on a movie except in some cases na interesting ang story :) hehehe

  10. hello veronica. di naman sya kasing bloody ng texas chainsaw massacre or hostel. pero katakot and too many surprising scenes. mapapasigaw ka talaga.

  11. Prenship, mukang palabas na yata sa mga mall to ngayon... about the guy you saw...ex bf yun ng sis ko...tropa ko dito sa makati...

  12. ay. watch ka nito prenship? di ko pa nawatch eh. baka sa saturday.hehe.

    ay, exbf ba ni sister. haha. kala ko, soon-to-be bf mo eh.



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