Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Movie Pastime: Status: Single Review

I was already in bed last night, trying to put myself to sleep but just could not. So instead of turning from left to right, I hit Youtube on my iPhone, searched through some Tagalog (Filipino) films and ended up watching Rufa Mae Quinto's Status: Single.

Status: Single is a comedy film which is written and directed by Jose Javier Reyes and has been released in Philippine cinemas on 28 January, 2009, only a couple of weeks before Valentine's Day.

Aside from Rufa Mae Quinto, the movie also stars Paolo Contis, Angelu de Leon, Desiree del Valle, Mylene Dizon, LJ Moreno, Rafael Rosell, Alfred Vargas, Mark Bautista, Jon Avila and many more.

Status: Single Synopsis:

The movie's story is all about a woman named Doris who doesn't want to be called by her real name, Teodora (played by Quinto). Doris slowly realizes that her biological clock is ticking when at the age of 30 her best friends (de Leon, del Valle, Dizon and Moreno) have already gotten married; leaving her the only single member of the group. Aside from being 30 and single, Doris is still a virgin which has made Doris' situation worse.

Actually, Doris has a boyfriend, Dodo (Bautista) for two years. But due to so many responsibilities Dodo has for his family back in Malaybalay, Dodo has decided to break up with Doris as he isn't ready to settle down yet. This has broken Doris' heart. She then becomes a hopeless romantic thinking that every cute guy (Vargas and Rosell) who shows her even a little attention is destined to be her husband. Of course, she ends up being disappointed and heartbroken every after another failed relationship.

Just like most comedy films, Status: Single ends up with a happy ending as Doris marries her boss' son Inaki (Avila) who has long been secretly in love with her.

Here's the full trailer of Status: Single:

Status: Single Review:

Status: Single is one film which has been able to make me laugh, or just at least giggle as I don't want to wake up my boyfriend who has been fast asleep beside me. The story is so easy to follow and in fact, many single women who are soon turning 30, already 30 and are more than 30 can easily relate to this film. I can say that I haven't experienced any dull moment while watching this movie. I have had fun all the way!

The moral lesson of the story is enlightening as well... love comes at the right time. If it's not meant to be, it's not meant to be and if it's meant to be, the ending will always be a happy ever after.

Highly recommended!


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  2. I must seen this video later. I like Ruff mae kahit na, na parang lasing kung magsalita hehe but she is a good comedian.

    happy sunday Max. tugnaw na ba diha sa inyo?

  3. max, wala yata ako dito sa blogroll mo, or nalibat lang ba ko hehe.
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