Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Pet Pastime: Bisse Caught In The Act Of Stealing My Straw

My boyfriend and I were watching Kändisdjungeln, a Swedish reality tv show where Swedish celebrities were spending some weeks on their own in the middle of one of Malaysia's jungles. In the middle of our tv time, our lovely cat, Bisse was slowly trying to steal my Coke glass' straw.

Bisse enjoys playing with straws which is why whenever he sees one, he is always eager to grab it and play with it. Well, for as long as he doesn't eat the straws, we do not find anything wrong with it. I need to check later if it's already time to buy a new pack of straws for us and of course for our little Bisse.

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  1. awww kakatuwa ang cute!

    Have a lovely day, lovely maxi! :)

  2. nakakatuwa naman. di nya alam e na-picture-an pala sya.

  3. hello Shy! thanks. cute jud. hihi.

  4. hello S'heart! kakatuwa talaga si bisse... have a lovely day, too!

  5. rossel: ay, naku! wala yan pakialam kung kinukunan na ba sya ng picture. hehe. basta enjoy l ang siya sa straws----

  6. waaaaaaaaaaa....hahhahaha...as in...grabi, caught in action jud si miming....hehehe..never know naa diay kay kitty dear..nice name....asa man na sya nimo gbilin when you went to the PI last time?

  7. LOL! Now that's a Mastercard moment(priceless) of a picture there. Cute moment for sure.

    Thanks for sharing my very dear blugging friend!


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