Wednesday, 9 September 2009

TV Ad Pastime: The Best Pantene Commercial Ever

originally posted on 4 September 2009, Friday

While "Facebooking" and "Youtubing" minutes ago, I came across a video captioned as "Extraordinary Pantene Commercial". I wanted to see for myself how "extraordinary" the commercial was and so I clicked the link.

So you want to know how extraordinary the commercial is? As of this very moment, the video has 1,541,115 views since 11 September 2008 with 2,291 text comments. The statistics is enough to prove that this Pantene commercial is truly one exceptional 4:03-minute-clip.

To those who isn't aware of what Pantene is, it's a brand of shampoo and conditioner which is very popular in Asia.

Here's the tear-jerking, heart-touching "Extraordinary Pantene Commercial":
You want to know if I cried while watching this? Embarrassing to admit but I almost drowned in tears! Two thumbs up for this one!

P.S. Thank you Peachi for sharing this video on Facebook.

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