Wednesday, 9 September 2009

TV Show Pastime: WoWoWee's Ms. Fitrum - The Funny Nikko Santos

originally posted on 5 September 2009, Saturday

A YouTube link has been sent to me via e-mail yesterday. Because I've been missing WoWoWee, my thoughtful friend has this wonderful idea of making me watch a short clip that will surely bring me to tears of laughter. Thanks for the link dear friend!
I am aware that I am not a perfect English writer and speaker. I am also aware that I am not a judge and therefore, I am not supposed to judge Nikko Santos' English lines at all. But let's face it. Once you've decided to put yourself on TV, you'll either be laughed at, appreciated or both! So I bet, Ms. Nikko Santos has long been prepared for whatever the outcome of her performance would be.

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