Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Welcome To "The Pastime Shelf"

I have been thinking of creating my third blog since months ago. Well, actually fourth. But because I am no longer interested to update my first blog (HealthnBeyond.com due to so many Google issues which I've tried to fix but just can't), I've decided to exclude it in my count. I know you know what I mean, right?

Anyway, due to my very tight schedule, I haven't been really able to plan on the specifics of the blog. And tonight is that night when everything has to be done. I've come up with the title "The Pastime Shelf" for the very obvious reason that this is going to be the very spot where I will be writing down my thoughts, insights and ideas regarding what I usually do during my free time. So expect me to write about my opinions regarding the films and tv shows I've seen (and planning of watching), books and magazines I've read, music I listen to and showbiz gossips I've heard of.

To you, who are presently reading this blog's first post, welcome to The Pastime Shelf. As always, I thank you for extending your warm support.

Have a great day everyone! Cheers!

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