Thursday, 5 November 2009

Game Pastime: My Restaurant in Restaurant City at Level 32

I have been playing Restaurant City (RC) since August 2009 and have been loving the game a lot. The good thing with RC is that players like me do not need to stay tune to my restaurant 24/7 just to earn money and upgrade to another level. All I need to do is feed my employees at least once every hour to maintain a high popularity which is usually between 45.0 to 50.0.

At times when I need to go somewhere with friends or do the groceries, I can still have my restaurant opened therefore continuously earning both gourmet points and coins. Just like most players, I follow the common sense rule of feeding my employees first (leaving them with 100% energy), saving the game before quitting and turning off my computer. Of course, if I am away for two hours and a half, my employees' energy levels are only between 10-15% and my popularity is still the same (which is really good) so all I have to do is to feed my employees with sandwiches and my restaurant's up and going again.

When I am away for three hours or more (when in school and when having my eight hours of sleep each day), by the time i turn on my computer and check my restaurant in RC, my employees are lying on the floor... asking for food or rest with the popularity unchanged. Just like what I usually do (and most players, do), I give them sandwiches instead of putting them to sleep. This way, I continuously earn coins and gourmet points.

Anyway, I am on level 32 for the last three weeks which is sadly the dead end of all levels as of the moment. I have a total of nine (9) employees, 4 chefs, 4 waitresses and 1 cleaner/repair person.

Below is the current layout of my restaurant (The Block as of today, 05 November 2009)

I did an island layout for my dining area simply because this is the most reasonable layout in quickly earning coins and gaining gourmet points. Each island has 9 tables (of course with matching chairs) with 2 chefs and 2 waitresses assigned to it. How effective is this island layout? As per experience, even if my employees energy level is down to 40%, the restaurant's popularity rating still remains high (between 48.5 to 50.0).

I have 3 retro arcade machines, 12 seats in the waiting area and 10 toilet seats in the restroom and two fountains to make my restaurant a bit better looking.

So, that's my restaurant up to today! I just hope that RC will add more features, new furniture, new dishes, more levels and a second floor! Who knows? RC might already be thinking of these upgrades right now. (Hope so.)

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