Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Game Pastime: Using Restaurant City's Underwater Theme in My Restaurant

When Restaurant City (RC) released the underwater theme yesterday, 17 November 2009 I began wonderingrindu what to do with the new underwater items. I found them so cute especiallyl the butterfly, sardine and pink fish which was why I really wanted to have them inside my restaurant. Question was... how?

(my restaurant's previous layout - click photo to enlarge)
I was already happy with the previous layout of my restaurant (refer to the photo above) so I wanted to incorporate the fish and seaweeds without destroying my previous layout. Just a while ago, I thought of creating an aquarium at one side of my dining area. I then tried it out. I picked out 6 pieces of fish (2 of each kind), 4 seaweeds, a seabed wallpaper and some ocean floor tiles and here is the result:
(click photo to enlarge)(my restaurant's aquarium in Restaurant City - click photo to enlarge)
I was a bit disappointed that there wasn't any available clear glass to the front side of my aquarium. Anyway, I tried as much as I could to make it look like an aquarium. I also needed to rearrange the furniture, the washroom and the arcade area a little to make the layout look a lot better.

I did not do anything much with the exterior except for changing the name of my restaurant from "The Block" to "FountainAquarium". I was thinking of renaming it to "The Fountain&Aquarium" but could not since there wasn't enough space on the banner. Anyway, "FountainAquarium" looked fine, I thought.

(the exterior layout - click photo to enlarge)


  1. Sis, seems like adik ka dito sa FB hehehe! ako di muna kase daming blogs need to update.

    Sis, may bayad pala pag nag cash out nung adbrite? Naku di ko pa alam eh, di ko pa natanong sa bank. Kakatanggap ko lang kc nun...

    Di ko din expected na padalhan nila ako sis... nyways , musta kana?

  2. hello Anne. di naman kailangang maging adik sa Restaurant City. hehe. i just go check my restaurant three or four times a day to feed my employees. di ko kayang magbabad and maging adik sa games. hehe.

    good for you about the adbrite check. hope napa-inchash mo na. hugs!


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