Saturday, 28 November 2009

Pets Pastime: Playing "Fetch" With My Cat

Bisse woke me up early this morning. I was still sleeping when he hopped onto the bed with his favorite toy, a straw! As early as 6.30AM, he already wanted to play "fetch" with me. Yup! You read that right --- play fetch!

Bisse enjoys playing with straws. He has many times stolen straws I am using. You can see an evidence here for yourself. When Bisse's in the mood, he will bring me a straw and wait for me to throw it. He will immediately run to fetch it and bring the straw back to me. He will sit down, looking at me and patiently wait until I pick up the straw and throw it again. I know when he no longer wants to go on playing. When he is already feeling tired, he will run to the straw and will lie down beside it. He will no longer pick it up for me. He will just stare at me first (maybe to tell me "I am tired now."), close his eyes and sleep.

So anyway, we did the "fetch" game early this morning and here's a photo of Bisse fetching the straw for me:

1 comment:

  1. aww, ang cute talaga ni Bisse!
    katuwa! *MEOW*

    have PURRfect day! *HUGS*


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