Monday, 28 December 2009

Game Pastime: How To Get More Raisins And Vanillas In Restaurant City

Are you still having difficulties collecting raisins and vanillas for your recipes in Restaurant City (RC)? Well, your problem's no longer an issue!

I am not sure when exactly but after RC have released its Gourmet King feature, finding raisins and vanillas is no longer a problem. However, there are still some RC players out there who do not know where to get these two important ingredients which is why I've decided to give you some tips on how to get rid of your vanilla and raisin troubles.

You see, whenever your RC neighbors spot the Gourmet King and publish/share their luck onto their Facebook profiles, you as their neighbor will have the chance to claim the prize (might be raisin, vanilla or other dishes from the Gourmet King)! Wonderful, isn't it?

Whenever you come up by chance some Facebook posts like the one on the photo below, click on the Claim your free gift now! and you will then be redirected to your RC account. The generous Gourmet King will then award you the prize you've claimed. You are ONLY allowed 5 free gifts per day.The more RC neighbors you have on your Facebook friends list, the more chances you will be bumping into those Claim your free gift now! posts (like the one on the photo above).

What are you waiting for? Go check your Facebook Home page and see if your friends are now sharing their free gifts with you!

Have a fun day!

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