Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Game Pastime: My Outdoor Garden Dining Area in Restaurant City

I am so happy with all the new features Restaurant City (RC) has released today. RC has added more levels which made my restaurant's level jumped from 32 to 54! Aside from that, there are already some winter/Christmas items (which I know that more will come soon our way), new holiday dishes and especially the new garden area.

After logging into my restaurant in Restaurant City after the more than two hours of being closed for RC updates, I have immediately noticed the "for sale" sign at the left side of my resto. I clicked on it and bought the space. I clicked on the purchase button several times until I felt satisfied with its size. I then thought of turning the newly added space into an outdoor garden dining area which worked just fine (I guess).I love the new features and the new items in Restaurant City. And because there are new levels added --- the challenge is on!

Update as of today, 2 December 2009: Renovated the outdoor garden dining area a bit:


  1. Do u know that what is the maximum size for the outdoor patio ? is it 18x18 ? and how is it ?

  2. oh my gosh...super busy man diay ka kaau sa games sa facebook...ehehhe!

    ako dugay nako nagparehab...sober nako ron...maka buang ilang games kay makalimot ko ug check sa!

  3. farm town addict lang ako .heheheh. ayoko na ibang games baka di na maka work :)


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