Saturday, 5 December 2009

We Want One Of These Three Black Washing Machines

For more than two years now, it is my boyfriend who has been doing the laundry. I am scared to go down the laundry room as it is located in our apartment building's underground basement. I do not want to go down there alone so my boyfriend has no other choice but to take responsibility of doing the laundry.

There have been days when it is difficult to reserve some hours in the laundry room. There are only two laundry machines being shared by all the building's tenants. Since we have been able to save some money this year, we are thinking of buying our own washing machine which we will be storing in our big bathroom. This way, my boyfriend and I can take turns in doing the laundry.

My boyfriend wants a black washing machine. I also like the idea. Black will surely look good in our bathroom. We have been comparing prices, looking for possible discounts and good deals on different brands of Black Washing Machines online. We have found at least three that we are interested in (please refer to the photos below): one by Whirlpool, one by Hotpoint and the last one by AEG.So which is which? We are not sure yet but we are getting there!

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