Friday, 15 January 2010

Game Pastime: My Latest Interior Update In Restaurant City

I have finally reached the last level (65) in Restaurant City (RC) a week ago. Due to my busy schedule, I haven't been able to post here my restaurant's latest interior update.

I have already taken away the Christmas and New Year decorations, redecorated, cleared out some mess and here's how my restaurant looks now:If you want to see how its old interior layout/design, you can check the old photos here.

I've chosen not to put so much fancy items this time. Even if the Egyptian and the Wild West themes have been lauched (I so adore the Saloon Door, Saloon Drink Dispenser and most especially Cacti Joe) by Playfish just awhile ago, I've decided to stick with the basics at least for the moment. Since February is fast approaching, I am anticipating the availability of Valentine items soon. I am saving some coins for that RC-Valentine month.

I really do not have enough time to play RC more often now. Nevertheless, I am a huge fan of this online game on Facebook. As a matter of fact, I have just recently joined the forum page and even spent some time going through the RC items on the Playfish Store. As of now, Playfish doesn't have any RC personalized pens in their store which made me feel a little disappointed because I really want to get one for myself. Maybe one day, Playfish will consider having the pens available online. I really hope so.

Ooooohhh.. by the way, I really have to say that the Restaurant City Royal Coffee mug looks so cute. I might be tempted to get one!

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  1. ako naman na-addict before sa yoville and cafe world. not playing much now. how are you, maxi? have a great weekend!


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