Wednesday, 27 January 2010

HomeInn Pastime: My Poor HomeInn

I was invited by a friend to try HomeInn, a Facebook app which was released sometime within the last quarter of 2009. I tried the game at once but stumbled upon difficulties of playing the game. The game was cute and showed a lot of potential to become one of the big Facebook games one day. However, since I couldn't find my way in and out of the game, I did not bother coming back for more.

Anyhow, for curiosity's sake I logged onto the app again, tried the game one more time and had a bit of fun this time. However, if asked if I would be addicted to this one - the answer would be a huge NO. Although I confessed of achieving a bit of fun, I still couldn't get the hang of it. Besides, my hectic schedule could not possiblity insert this game into my 24 hour timeline. Well, could be some other time but denitely not now.

Here's a snapshot of my poor Inn which I checked awhile ago:

I wish that finding a place to stay in Manila is as easy as living in the virtual world of HomeInn. I only have a couple of days left before flying to the Philippines and I still haven't found a nice and affordable place for my sister-in-law to stay. Perhaps I will have to google for Student Accomodation Leeds to help me with my search and to narrow down my worries. If lucky to find a flat which is suited for a student's budget (student like me and my sis-in-law), I'll probably jump for joy!

Before finally waving goodbye for a moment, I want to send a huge HELLO to all HomeInn players! I will one day join the fun!

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