Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Recreation: Picnic Moments And Camping Desires!

I woke up early this morning. It was 9.00AM (yes, that's early for me) and my body was in deep need of coffee. We were at around -8°C yesterday but it wasn't something so troublesome. The wind was calm and the sun was out for a few hours. This morning, the temperature was at -6°C but was truly cold. I looked out the window - it was snowing again. The wind was blowing strong northward which made me feel good that I didn't have to go out today.

At times like today, I couldn't help but remember the good summer days I spent with my boyfriend. Aside from taking a walk downtown with the feel of summer breeze touching my cheeks, I also enjoyed picnicking with him. The simple pleasure of laying down a piece of cloth on the ground, grilling hotdogs and marshmallows on sticks and appreciating the beauty of nature is something money can't buy.

I have had some picnic moments but I have never been out camping. I do like the idea of camping out and have a strong desire to try it one day. If ever my boyfriend and I will camp for a night or two, we'll be heading somewhere south where the weather's a lot warmer. When it comes to renting a motorhome, we are sure to find a company nearby that has rvs for rent. Traveling a long way is without any doubt a lot better with a mini motorhome and of course - more comfortable.

I can't wait for summer to arrive and for the camping trip to begin!

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