Monday, 18 January 2010

Sports: The Much Awaited Super Bowl XLIV!

20 days from now, Super Bowl XLIV will take place at the Dolphin Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL. Many NFL fans (including my boyfriend and his best mate, Lo) are already looking forward to this event. Because it is impossible (yet) for us to fly to Florida, we will just be watching it live on telly instead. We do not yet know the exact time of this exciting February 07 event. But we are pretty sure that it is going to be sometime between 12 midnight and 6 in the morning here in Sweden. It's going to be another Superbowl sleepless night for us but well, at least it's going to be a night filled with excitement and fun!

My boyfriend is still on the look for sports betting sites online. What are the odds, best pick and predictions? Sad to know that my boyfriend's favorite team, Pittsburgh Steelers haven't made it to the championship game. It could have made my boyfriend's online betting decision a lot easier if the Steelers are going play at the Dolphin Stadium this season. Anyhow, I hope that whichever team my boyfriend has placed his bet on will win!

I wasn't really interested in watching sports not until the day I migrated here in Sweden. It did not take me awhile to get to like sports. In just after a month, I already found myself addicted to watching ice hockey, football, cross country skiing and the American football.

Between my four favorite sports mentioned above, the rules of American football still confuse me a lot. I have a strong feeling that I am getting there though. Oh well, it doesn't matter how huge tiny my knowledge regarding the game is so far. For as long as Steelers make it, my boyfriend and I will surely be jumping for joy!

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