Thursday, 7 January 2010

Wrestling Pastime: Just Watched Bret "The Hitman" Hart On The Latest WWE Monday Night Raw

While having lunch, my boyfriend turned on the telly and the DVD player. At first I guessed that we would be watching a film. I was totally wrong. I wasn't disappointed though. Instead of watching a movie, we watched the latest WWE Monday Night Raw (we both love wrestling!).

I got so surprised when it was announced that the guest host of the night was going to be Bret "The Hitman" Hart. The last time I caught glimpse of him was during his match against Shawn Michaels (The Hitman's last where he unfortunately lost against Shawn) in Montreal in November of 1997. After that, I no longer heard anything about Bret gigil.

Here's the video of Bret Hart's return on the WWE Monday Night Raw:

It was nice to hear him talk again (especially when he used the Bret words "WWE universe" several times). He definitely gave the crowd an amazing Monday night filled with surprises.
  • First was when Bret and Shawn shook hands as a sign of "leaving the past behind".

  • Second was when he rejected helping Chris Jericho with their (Jericho and Big Show) tag team match against Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

  • Third was when Bret Hart came up on the ring in the middle of Vince McMahon's speech, both exchanged their humble and not-so-humble lines, shook hands and surprisingly McMahon kicked The Hitman in the groin. I felt so sorry for Bret. (I am so sorry if you'll think that I am way off line when I say, "I hate McMahon!")
I am so glad to see Bret again today. I hope that somehow he is doing great. I sure hope to see him again on (or outside) the ring!


  1. Yes, it was a good sign to see him back in the ring. It is looking very likely that a Bret vs McMahon match may happen at WrestleMania! The ending left the door open for that to happen or they wouldn't have scripted it that way.

    Speaking of which, when I started BWE on Sporting News, one of the first matches I wrote out was me against McMahon for ownership of BWE. I had Bret come out to get revenge on McMahon, and well....I still have BWE, right? That setup my own version of Bret vs McMahon where he got help from "Stone Cold" Steve Austin after McMahon had help.

    Anyway, this has been the talk of the internet because from what I've read, they wanted another Bret vs Shawn Michaels match. However, Hart doesn't move around as well, so it looks more likely to be Bret vs McMahon - if does happen.

  2. hello David! yup! truly nice to see Bret back... I miss seeing him on the ring (I miss Owen, too).

    I will be waiting for the Bret vs McMahon match.. hope you are right about it and that there willbe one! that would make me so happy!

    i will have to check that post of yours David... can you please send me the link to that so i can check it out? please?

    yup. Hart doesn't move around quicker now. I've read about his motorcycle accident and that he has suffered from stroke for sometime. well... i am just happy to see him once again.

    happy blogging my dear blugging friend!


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