Wednesday, 10 February 2010

mDistribute - Instantly Licenses Independent Films

Although I am not (yet) really a fan of indepent films, I must agree that there are quality independent movies worth seeing. I've seen four of five of such films during my first two years in Sweden. Out of the total five, at least three of them have made me go "wow!"

For independent filmmakers, it is a must to have their short films and animations licensed as soon as possible to avoid disputes. The people at mDistribute have been considered as one of the best and most trustworthy marketplaces on the web that offer instant licensing for movie makers. The company licenses short, feature, animation, instructional/education and adult films free of service. Yes, you've read it right - FREE! Better yet, check their website for more details.

Remember to protect your movie rights! Have your films licensed... now.


  1. halu max..just to say hi there:)

  2. Hello to you, too. Thanks for dropping by here! Hugs!


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