Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Movie Pastime: 16 Blocks

Philippine Time: 5:25PM

My brother just asked me if I already had seen Bruce Willis' 16 Blocks. Yup. I sure did. The problem was, I could not recall the whole story. Curious as usual, I took a visit at the IMDB's website and checked it out.

16 Blocks' full synopsis (quoted from

"New York police detective Jack Mosley (Bruce Willis) is on his way home when his lieutenant assigns him a simple task of escorting a petty criminal, Eddie Bunker (Mos Def), from lockup to the courthouse which is only 16 blocks away. Jack has been a police officer for over 20-years, and now he is over the hill with a bad leg and a drinking problem. All Jack wants is to get a bottle and go home. What Jack doesn't know is that Eddie made a deal with the District Attorney to testify against a fellow police officer at his station before a grand jury. A van with two hit men are following Jack as he leaves the station, and their job is to kill Eddie before he can testify. Jack prevents the assassination, and they escape the scene and run into a bar. Jack calls for backup, and his ex-partner Frank Nugent (David Morse) and his team are the first to arrive at the bar. Unfortunately for Eddie, one member of the team is the cop Eddie is about to testify against. Jack must choose between his fellow cops or protecting the life of a criminal (synopsis written by: Douglas Young)"

Right after reading the plot summary, I have developed this desire to watch the film all over again. I do not really download films. However, this time around I have thought that it is a must to do so. We are in Bulacan right now and SM Malls are so many kilometers away (I guess the nearest one will take us 1 hour and 30 minutes just to get there --- that's if without traffic). I have checked Rapidshare Search for the film for the first time in my life. Just like my friends have told me, searching for torrent films there is no sweat.

I am at the moment searching for some more interesting movies to search and possibly download if the internet' broadband speed is going to be a lot friendlier today. So far, downloading a film one at a time hasn't been a problem yet. I am wondering if I can do it two or three films at the same time but I doubt it. Might as well not do so. Patience is a virtue and that's something I have. *wink*

It is my youngest brother's birthday today. We will be going out for dinner with some closest friends. I will just put the torrent engine on while dining out. I know for sure that the film's fully "torrented" by the time we are back (probably between 9 or 10PM). We can't wait to watch 16 Blocks. Bruce Willis is one of our favorite actors ever.

See you all around later!

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