Friday, 5 February 2010

My Friend In Her New Haven In LA!

A friend who found a better job in LA emailed me her new address a couple of nights ago. She told me that moving to LA was not really included in her plan. However, since she was promised a higher pay, she accepted the offer anyway.

My friend spent her first three years in Illinois right after she was given her visa to work as a nurse in America. According to her, moving her stuff and furniture to her new flat in LA was not difficult at all. She searched through some trusted Moving Companies Los Angeles and was lucky enough to find one at once. She requested for quotes, compared notes and chose what she felt was wallet friendly and reliable. Her chosen Moving Company Los Angeles (1-800-431-3920) helped her relocate to her new haven in LA with ease in no time. She said that it was a relief to have Los Angeles Moving Companies which are easy to contact and talk to.

As of now, my friend's having a great time with her new job in her new place. Good for her!

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