Monday, 8 February 2010

TV Show Pastime: The Big Bang Theory - The Comedy Show With A Bang!

My The Big Bang Theory addiction began months ago when my boyfriend forced me to watch the first episode of it. I never expected too much from the comedy series which surprised me a lot when I started finding myself laughing so loud! After watching the first episode of the very first season, I got hooked. Missing an episode was a not an option.My boyfriend was able to get copies of the entire first and second seasons of The Big Bang Theory which I brought home with me on my Philippine vacation. I shared it with my brothers and I was so happy that they also liked it. My brothers (me, too!) were so tuned in while watching the pilot episode. They could not stop themselves from laughing. Although I tried to tell them to take pauses after every episode, they just couldn't do so. They kept on watching and watching... The Big Bang Theory marathon was in the house! I guess the first nine episodes were seen three days ago and the eight remaining episodes of season one had been watched the following day. We planned on saving Season II for Saturday. My brothers couldn't guarantee that they could wait for Saturday but so far, today had been a The Big Bang Theory free day (except of course when my brothers hum the soundrack of the show):
The plot of The Big Bang Theory (quoted from

"A woman who moves into an apartment next door to two brilliant but socially awkward physicists shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory."

My younger brother was hoping to download music, particularly the The Big Bang Theory's soundtrack soon which would later on be downloaded to his mobile phone (that's how "nerdly" addictited he is). I would probably do that, too.

If you are looking for a comedy show with a bang, The Big Bang Theory will definitely not let you down!


  1. have not see this...hope i can too.

    max, may pag-asa pa kaya bumalik yung PR ko? i doodled with the html...meta's.. don't know what to do. kaya takot na takot ako galawin and at-a-blink ngayon. ikaw lang ni-link kong bago, baka kung nao nanaman mangyari e un nalang natitira kong may pr. webmaster tools...yes, i just recently joined din. di ba advisable yun? delete ko?

    i really appreciate you friendship max. hope it will stay =) wait ko response mo ha. gud day!

  2. I truly hope that you'll get back your PR. Strange things happen when we doodle with our layout's html codes and meta tags. That happened to my very first blog which I've already given up.

    Will help you to the best I can. Hugs!


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