Friday, 5 February 2010

Will Celebrate Heart's Day 2010 With My Friends

Only a few more days left to celebrate Valentine's Day. As early as today, I can already smell the Cupid-scented air. Love is everywhere. Red roses are starting to fill the flower shops to fill in orders. Chocolates in heart-shaped boxes are beginning to add romance to the February 14 celebration. It's definitely already raining hearts out here!

I will not be spending this year's Lover's Day with my Bebe. For the first time since 2007, we're apart on the whole month of February. Good thing the word "belated" has been invented and added to the dictionary. Celebrating it on a later date and on a later month will definitely not harm us.

I am thinking of celebrating this year's heart's day with my friends who I haven't met for so long already! Most of them are "boyfriendless/partnerless" but are not hopeless (at least not yet). Spending Valentine's Day with friends will certainly be fun!

We have talked about spending the whole day on one of our friends' flat. One of our plans is to buy each other chocolate gifts. I am thinking of buying loads of gourmet chocolates for the occasion. It will definitely be a good treat for my friends. I will be looking for gourmet chocs which are neatly wrapped in heart-shaped boxes with beautifully arranged red ribbons tied around them. My chocolate gifts will surely stand out (for the first time ever!) and taste heavenly yummy!

About our what-to-eat plan, we will be ordering a huge thin-crust pizza. We will also be groceryshopping on the morning of February 14 to pick up some chips, dips and drinks (they will have some beer while I'll go for Coke *as usual*). There is a huge possibility of adding a gallon of chocolate ice cream and one whole black forest cake on the grocery list.

My friend and I are going to watch a romantic comedy movie but haven't decided yet which one to feed into the DVD player. Hmmm.. well... there are still some days left to plan some more. We are already getting excited for our "date"!


  1. boyfriendless/partnerless- ganahan ko ani ai,cute words..hehehe...happy vday maxi!

  2. max..enjoy nalng dha naa ra bitaw na si bebe pirmi:) amping!

  3. Happy Valentines Day in advance my dear friend. i hope you have a great one.


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