Saturday, 20 March 2010

Game Pastime: Cool New Features/Buildings In Social City Today (March 20, 2010)

I woke up late today (10AM), watched two episodes of Cheers while having a cup of hot coffee and a dish with turkey and mackerel sandwiches in bed (thanks Bebe for the yummy breakfast!), turned on my laptop and checked how my City was doing in Social City!

While going around my City, I've immediately noticed three awesome changes on my screen:

First is the "Sychronizing with Server" pop up which is a lot better than getting the annoying "Error. We have lost connection..." pop up
Second thing I've immediately had my eyes on the lovers (having a picnik) on top of the water tower (really cute!)... I wonder where the guy who's been there before is now... tsk tsk.And third is the livelier theaters/cinemas on my City --- the huge posters, the lights and the people outside the theater (a movie star on the red carpet and photographers, too) give more life to my City
I really love the new details no matter how tiny they are!

Some more really great new features in Social City today are:

New Gifts for your neighbors! (the Happy Panda, Blue Flower Patch, Yellow Bungalow, Wooded Grove and a Log Hut)
New Leisure Buildings! (The Ferris Wheel, Daily News, Trifle Tower and the Royal Casino)
New Residential Buildings! (Luxury Condos and the Italian Villa) [Edit: Bed and Breakfast and Mansion are also avaible now]
And finally! We can now see how many experience points (xp) we can receive by building a specific building and know the build time as well!
So far, these are the cool new features and additional buildings in Social City today. I can't wait for more!

What are you waiting for? Go to your City now and check these cool stuff!

Happy Social Citying!

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