Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Game Pastime: Hotel City's Error 14 Is Terribly Annoying!

If I haven't lost count, today is my fifth day playing Hotel City (by Playfish). My five-star hotel is already on the 15th level with more than 300,000 coins and about 300 friends/neighbors. This game has exceeded my expectations. It is entertaining, challenging and cute!

As usual, I was doing the bonus coin bag round this morning when this sign had suddenly popped up on my screen:It was way uncool for me! This Error 14 of Hotel City bothered me three times today which forced me to leave the game. The second time it showed up was when I was already done expanding my hotel, purchased some new rooms and decorated them and then... puff! --- Error 14 showed up again! My minutes of work went all to waste. I again redid everything frome expanding to decorating when the same error took place. Devastating!

I hope that Playfish will fix this error (if it's a bug or whatever) soon. Otherwise, I might just focus on playing only Restaurant City again.


  1. same with me

  2. I HATE ERRORCODE 14!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I understand. I hate it, too.


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