Monday, 15 March 2010

Game Pastime: Restaurant City Changes

I haven't been playing Restaurant City (RC) for ages!

Since the day my old Facebook account had encountered problems logging in for more than a month, I gave the old FB account up and registered a new one. It wasn't that easy to set up a new account. I filled in my profile info, posted some photos and the most difficult part of it all was the adding up of friends. After a couple of weeks of fixing slowly my new FB account, I could again breathe well!Anyway, I never thought that I'd go back "Restaurant Citying" again. My brain wasn't into starting over a new restaurant from scratch. However, after a week of trying to say no to my RC addiction, I finally gave it another shot! It felt just right to be playing this restaurant game again! Woo hoo yeah!

I did not encounter too much difficulties playing the game anymore because I had been used to the rules and techniques on how to play the game right and how to level up as quickly as possible. After just a week, I had my restaurant up on level 26 already. Cool!

I was surprised that they made RC a lot easier to play now. I went "what?" when I saw these Restaurant City changes:

  • Three free ingredients once I've logged in three days in a row
  • Employee food gifts to friends
  • Furniture/decorative gifts to friends
  • Ingredient gifts to friends
  • Getting coins easier by checking out coin awards on your RC friends' walls
  • Getting coins and ingredient freebies by becoming a fan of RC
  • 500, 100, 50 coins reward for helping out in a neighbor's restaurant
  • Getting rewards for finding wallets/purses on a neighbor's restaurant
  • ... and more!
No no no... I am not against these new freebies on RC. I am actually happy for these new sets of giveaways. Now it's no longer a headache to level up my restaurant and my dishes.

Thanks RC for all the changes!

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