Sunday, 21 March 2010

Game Pastime: Restaurant City Layout At Level 31

Since my other Facebook account has encountered logging in issues, I've put Restaurant City (RC) behind. I've created a new Facebook account a month and a half ago and have thought that I will no longer be going back to Restaurant Citying. Well, I've been wrong!More than two weeks have passed and my restaurant's (a new one of course) back to business!

I am on the 31st level now with four chefs, four waitresses and one janitor. The popularity's usually between 45.0 to 51 depending on how "time hungry" my employees are. I have 14 gold dishes as of now. Hoping to make it to 20 soon!

Here's the present layout of my restaurant in Restaurant City:The garden/outside waiting area and the arcade station:The inside waiting area and the toilet:The dining hall:
The kitchen:
That's it for now! So far, I am satisfied with the layout and how the restaurant's doing!

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