Thursday, 18 March 2010

Game Pastime: Social City On Facebook

I have tried a lot of city/town games on Facebook since months ago. So far, I am only hooked onto Playdom's Social City.

I've one day (just a week ago) bumped into a friend's wall on Facebook and have noticed that she's been trying out this Social City game. Curious as always, I've checked out the game myself and have fallen in love with it since then.

A week has passed and I am already on level 22 with more than 100,000 population. Tough, huh?

Anyway, here's the layout of my City (still can't think of my city name until now) as of the moment (click photo to enlarge):
One of the best things I love about this game is that I do not need to spend my whole day playing it. All I have to do is
  • check my City once or twice each day
  • clean the leisure buildings
  • click ready residential units (and the hotel) to increase the population
  • check the factories, get income when ready, clean and restart contracts
  • add more leisure buildings and residential units depending on the amount of coins I have
  • redo the layout when I feel like doing it
Now that I am on the 22nd level, I am hoping for new leisure facilities to be added in the game. Some of the things on my Social City wish list are:
  • malls
  • banks
  • resorts
  • zoo
  • donut store
  • candy stores (aside from the chocolate shop)
  • telephone/mobile company/ies
  • ice cream stations
  • beauty parlors
  • TV stations
  • bookstore
  • toy stores
  • fun rides (carousel, bump cars, roller coasters, etc)
  • newsstands
  • billboards
  • trainstations
  • bus stations
  • concert halls
  • more hotel designs

    I am also hoping to see some:
  • cars
  • buses
  • motorcycles
  • bicycles
  • trains
  • traffic lights
Okey, I've talked too much. I know that there will be loads of new items and positive changes to this game (hopefully soon!) and I just can't wait to see them!

Come and join the fun! Build your own City in Social City now!

By the way, when you're already in, don't forget to join the Social City forum to connect with other players!

See you there!

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