Friday, 19 March 2010

Game Pastime: Social City's City Information Page

New to Social City? Do not worry. You are not alone! Give yourself some time to be familiar with the game. One doesn't have to be an expert to enjoy this Facebook app. Take each step one at a time and have fun along the way...

It was just yesterday when I discovered my City's Information Page/Panel. This feature of the game is really helpful as it allows you, the owner of the City, to know the necessary info of your City and to help you plan on what you want to do next.

First, click on the face on the upper right hand corner of your City...... and once clicked, this City Information Page will pop up. Voila!
Yes... until now, I haven't decided on my City name yet. Although I can always edit this part, I say I'll think about that later. *wink*

Back to the Social City Info Page, I am already on level 22 with a population of 111,305. In the page it states I need to reach 500,000 population for me to be able to have my 10th factory. My current population limit is at 111,153 which explains why the face icon on my town is SAD. I also know that I have a number of 20 neighbors as of the moment and that I can expand my City anytime I want to.

So there you go! Check out your City's Information Page now to be able to plan a little better.

Have a nice day everyone!

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  1. halu dear maxi, time to visit this blog of yours:) have a great weekend!


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