Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Our Up And Coming Saturday Plan

I have almost forgotten about our scheduled family dinner this Saturday at my boyfriend's mom's place. I guess my brain's not functioning that well since the moment I've caught fever and colds (I've been so sick for more than a week now). I am hoping to get healthier before Saturday or I will end up just sitting in one corner of the sofa, covered with a blanket while watching my boyfriend and his family having some fun.

Aside from PS3 and card games, I am also expecting some sports hours with the entire family. Everyone loves ice hockey and football. I am not 100% sure though if it is going to be an ice hockey or a football night. All I know is that my boyfriend and his brothers are not going to miss their sports bet weekend. I am not very good when it comes to predicting something but I have a good feeling that my boyfriend's going to win something on Saturday. It might not be that huge but at least... something! I really really hope he wins again to have one more reason to celebrate the night!

My feverish body is advising me to take a long warm bath soon. I believe that it is but smart to listen to what my body wants if I am looking forward to a fever-free me on Saturday. That means, bye bye for now! I'll be back real soon!


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