Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Our Usual Fun-Filled Weekends

Weekends for me and my boyfriend mean movies, popcorn, PS3, karaoke (I usually do the singing part), sports and of course one or two varities of sports bets. To sum our weekends up, it is equivalent to fun, fun and fun!

There are some weekends when we decide to go out and do some shopping or pick up some groceries. But when we feel like not doing any of those, we pick a film or two from my boyfriend's dvd collection. If not, we just switch the telly on its cable channel and we watch any films from the available list. A bowl each of popcorn always completes our movie hours.

My boyfriend's PS3 is only three weeks old and it has already given us so much weekend joy! Our favorite PS3 games are Dance Revo and Rock Band (I play the guitar, he plays the drums). We have to buy some more Dance Revo and Rock Band discs. Maybe on the next payday.

Karaoke has always been a favorite of mine! My boyfriend loves to listen to me while I sing even if I sing out of tune sometimes. As my number one fan, he appreciates my singing style/voice all the time. Oh my! I am so lucky to have him!

Movies, PS3 games and karaoke are always set aside when one of our football and ice hockey teams is scheduled to play a game on a weekend. Our apartment unit turns into the noisiest place in the area. We just can't stop cheering for our teams! My boyfriend makes sure that he checks his sports betting ticket from time to time to see if there is one more thing to yell "Yipee!!!" about. My boyfriend gets tips and tricks regarding win predictions from his betting shop. But well, the clouds are not always bright but whenever he wins, he treats me for an extra shopping spree or take me out on a dinner for two at my favorite Kebab restaurant (yum!)!

I wonder how our upcoming weekend will turn out to be.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

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