Thursday, 22 April 2010

Best American Concert Venues

If you are looking for the best concert venue to go for some great musical performances, you do not have to look too far. There are many concert venues in the United States that you can visit and have artistic entertainment. Here are some of the most famous concert venues all throughout the United States of America.

Carnegie Hall
This is where the most famous classical performers do their routines. If you are able to perform in Carnegie Hall, it is assumed that you have already made it as an artist. It is the home of the world famous orchestras that have performed for thousands of people. This hall is world famous for its splendour and finery.

Madison Square Garden
This is the second most popular concert venue in the world, and has a vast open space and a long list of famous people that have graced its stage. Iconic figures like Elton John and John Lennon have done concerts at this venue.

Aside from major concerts, NBA games and pro wrestling tournaments have been held at this location. This place is something that you should definitely visit if you get a chance.

Symphony Hall
There are many concert venues in Boston, Massachusetts. The Symphony Hall is one of them. This houses the best sound systems and one of the largest seating capacities the world has ever known. If you are living in one of the Boston, MA apartments, you should not miss out this concert place.

If you want to have the best concert experience in Boston, you should go to the Symphony Hall.

These are just some of the most famous concert halls that you can go to if you want to have entertainment at its finest. These concert venues will give you the best experience of your life.

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