Saturday, 10 April 2010

Checking Some WordPress Themes

I've long planned on starting another blog --- this time, in Swedish. I haven't decided yet on the main topic/theme that I will be writing about. I am mostly interested in shopping and fashion. On the other hand, I also want to write about films and tv series. I need to take some time to brainstorm and think things over (and over and over) until I will finally come with a decision.

Another thing I've been thoroughly considering is the possibility of running my fourth blog with WordPress. I've already signed up for an account and have been checking out their features. I have also checked out some cool free wordpress templates. There are so many available easy to download wordpress templates to choose from. I will be checking for more templates later.

I really look forward to feeling better soon. Being sick for two weeks now is slowing my blogging life down. I'll start planning about my Swedish blog sometime next week. Hope everything goes well!


  1. Hi Maxi!

    I did sign up for WP awhile back in the event something would happen to my Blogger sites. But for now, I stick with writing on BB and WBE as well as Associated Content.

    I might make one on WP later just to see and get the feel of it though.

    Yes, I hope you get better soon my very dear blugging friend!

  2. Hi Maxie i hope you get feeling better very very soon we all miss you in the blogging world. Do you like word press better than blogger Maxi??

  3. Thank you, Bill. I miss blogging, too.

    I am not sure if I will like WordPress than Blogger. I've just signed up for a WordPress account but I haven't really had the chance yet to check out the features they have there.


  4. Thanks for the RT my dear blugging friend.

  5. Just like you, I've signed up for a WP account but haven't really started a blog in there. I am just curious on what WP has to offer to its bloggers.

    Have a great day my blugging friend! ;.)


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