Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Game Pastime: Features And Functions Of Restaurant City's Sushi Bar

In connection to my previous post, I am very happy to say that I've unlocked the Sushi Bar. Finally! Thanks to all my friends who've sent me my much-needed wasabi.
So, how does this Sushi Bar work/function?

**The Sushi Bar DOES NOT need any waiter nor cook to have the bar going.

**The Sushi Bar simply works like your arcade machines do which means that the Sushi Bar will only be used when there are no more available tables [and chairs of course] in your dining area.

**Those customers who do not have the patience to sit down in your restaurant's waiting area will either proceed and play with your arcade machines or go directly to your Sushi Bar to eat.

**The Sushi Bar gives you one [1] gourmet point and one [1] coin after a customer has eaten in your Sushi Bar. [Nope. NOT 2 coins. Sorry.]

**The Sushi Bar can accommodate two [2] customers at a time.

The Sushi Bar displays all [8] the Japanese dishes [Salmon Sashimi, Yaki Gyoza, Yakibuta Ramen, Salmon Handrolls, Miso Soup, Seaweed Salad, Sushi Selection and Sakura Mochi] that you've mastered to level 10. To check your current Japanese Recipe status, click on the Sushi Bar icon as shown below:
After clicking the Sushi Bar icon, you will then see this chart:
As shown above, I only have three [3] Japanese recipes that have reached level 10 and are also being displayed on my restaurant's conveyor belt styled Sushi Bar.

As of now, those are the features of Restaurant City's newly introduced Sushi Bar.

Level up those Japanese recipes and show them off in your restaurant's Sushi Bar! Have fun Restaurant City-ing everyone!

P.S. Sorry guys! If you are looking forward to "gifting" your Sushi Bar to a friend, it's not allowed to be "gifted" [not at the moment at least]. And oh... another thing [1] restaurant can only have one [1] Sushi Bar.


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  1. Congrats on acquiring your sushi bar! Very informative post - was wondering what exactly it does! Thanks for sharing!


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