Sunday, 11 April 2010

Game Pastime: How And Where To Find Hotel City Friends

After posting my previous post: How To Level Up Quickly In Hotel City questions about how and where to find lots of Hotel City friends came into my Facebook message box.

I only have two specific places where I can easily find (or they find me) Hotel City (HC) friends. First is the Hotel City forum. Just go the to the Find New Friends section and you are on your way to having new HC friends.

Another way of hunting for new HC friends/neighbors is by visiting the Hotel City Fan Page on Facebook. Once you're there, check the fan page's WALL and then click on the VIEW ALL COMMENTS button of its most recent wall message.Once clicked, you will see this comment page filled with Facebook people looking for new HC friends:If you have the patience, send these HC people friend invites. If you do not have the time to do this, then just paste your own "ADD ME FOR HOTEL CITY, PLEASE" (or something like that) messages. Remember NOT to spam as this might result to having your Facebook account suspended. Leave your "add me" messages one at a time, okey? Check your Facebook account after sometime and you'll be amazed on how many HC friend/neighbor invites you'll be receiving.

Easy, right? Now, you are on your way to earning new HC friends. Have fun everyone! Happy Hotel Citying!

P.S. Of course, there are so many other places online where you can find new HC friends. However, for me, these two methods and places are enough to help me find new friends.


  1. Is it possible to add neighbors for HC but not on my actual friend list? Or if I had to, I could add them as friends and delete them off right away (yeah I know I'll be missing out on bonuses and such), but will they also be deleted from my HC list if they've been delted off my facebook friends list? Thanks!

  2. Yup. By the time you delete them as friends, they will also be deleted in your HC friends list. It's okey if you do that. That's up to you.

    You can still claim some Hotel Points and Hotel Coin Bonuses even if you aren't friends with some Hotel City players --- for as long as their wall isn't hidden from people who aren't friends with them.

    Have a great day.


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