Sunday, 11 April 2010

Game Pastime: How To Level Up Quickly In Hotel City

In order to unlock guest rooms, decorated rooms, commercial rooms, gifts and expand your hotel in Hotel City, just like in any games you need to level up.

I've received a private message from one of my friends on Facebook hours ago asking how I've levelled up quickly in Hotel City. Levelling up in this game is quite a challenge. If you only rely on the daily income and hotel experience points you get from your hotel, reaching the next level for you is surely a gruesome task. However, if you follow some of my simple tips below, you will be enjoying a faster way of levelling up.

The most important tip is for you to have lots of ACTIVE Hotel City friends. When I say "active", it means that they do play the game at least 50% seriously. If you are fond of only adding Hotel City neighbors for the 1,000 coin bonus during the first visit and then deleting them after, you are MISSING a great chance to level up quicker.

Having PERMANENT Hotel City friends and neighbors is a must if you want to be successful in this game. In Hotel City, friends and neighbors help each other to reach up for the skies (if you know what I mean). Without these active Hotel City friends of yours, you might step onto the next level weeks apart.

So why are permanent friends/neighbors important in Hotel City? It's totally simple. These Hotel City friends of yours when they reach a certain level, they will share with their friends this message on their Facebook walls:
If you are friends, you get the chance to see this on your news feed. When you spot this Hotel City bonus invite, click the COLLECT A BONUS section so you'll get into this awesome page:
Hotel bonus points differ. I am not sure how Playfish computes this but sometimes, I get up to more than 4,000 Hotel Point gifts (check out the screenshot below). That's a huge thing when you really have the desire to level up quickly.So, the more Hotel City friends and neighbors you have, the more chances you'll be getting these awesome hotel point gifts from your friends and the quicker you level up.

As of now, I have 464 Hotel City friends and most of them are actively playing. After two and a half weeks of playing this game (at least 30 minutes per day), I've already reached level 32. All I do is to log in to my Facebook account whenever I have the time, check my news feed and then click on the COLLECT A BONUS icon. That's just it! Remember to keep your friends, okey?

I have to say bye bye for now. I hope the tips above help you in levelling up faster.

Are you wondering how and where you can get a lot of PERMANENT ACTIVE Hotel City players? I'll write about that next time. As for now, ciao!

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  1. Hi lady can u add me plz?!/gerardo.orosco?ref=profile im level 16 thx for ur post :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Done sending you the friend invite. Thanks.


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