Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Game Pastime: Nightclub City on Facebook

I stumbled upon a new Facebook app game called Nightclub City minutes ago while checking out my friends' walls. I got curious so I tried it. I had no regrets about trying this app. It was groovilicious!

My Nightclub on Nightclub City:

After playing this game for 20 minutes, I had my club reached level 8 with 7 bars, 2 bar tenders, a DJ and a huge dance floor.

Nightclub City isn't a difficult game to play. Try it now and start grooving! Check the app here.

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  1. this game is a lot of fun, started two days ago and now i'm almost level 16. i really want to get the sound systems that play sets of 8 hours or more

  2. y whont it lett me play it it was ony i I

  3. i want to be a lvl 40 ahahaha xD

  4. tama ka my night club city

  5. mag laro ka mona ng night club city

  6. csöcs puncikD:

  7. This post is awesome!!! I love this game so much! there is a contest on it right now @


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