Friday, 16 April 2010

Game Pastime: Nightclub City on Facebook Update

As of today, 16 April 2010, the Nightclub City app on Facebook has turned into a more challeging game compared to before the game's recent update.

As mentioned on my previous post, Nightclub City isn't that difficult of a game. Everything's easy to comprehend. One does not need to be an app genius to fully understand its entire concept. However, what upsets me is that after this morning's Nightclub City update, the prices of most items have doubled (if not, more than tripled). Not only that. Aside from the surprising (mostly shocking) price increase, the performance values of a lot of items have dramatically decreased. I've taken some of these as examples:

Bar Storage - before: $20,000 adds 500 additional drinks to the bar supplies
now:$40,000 and only adds 200 drinks.

Photo Fun Booth: before: $150,000
now: $2,000,000

Benny's Big Bass: before: set length - 10 hours
now: set length - 6 hours

Retro Trendy Bar: before: storage boost - 200 drinks
now: storage boost - 100 drinks

Frou Frou French Fountain: before: $60,000
now: $750,000

.... and a lot of more jaw-breaking changes!

Another sad update is that whenever I click the Bar Supplies to restock, they take out $150 from my earnings (it's $150 for restocking 100 drinks in your bar supplies). That hasn't been there before. Although it makes sense, isn't $150 too much of a price considering the fact that we've already paid for very expensive bar counters and even purchased a number of bar storage items? Hmmmm....*thinking mode*

I do enjoy this game especially because it doesn't get so much of my time each day. It's good to know that all I need to do is to log in to the app, update my music to extend my set, restock some bar supplies, sometimes do some rearranging and that's it! I save, log out and then go on with the rest of the day.Game changes are of course anticipated by the players. We wait for the updates with excitement and enthusiasm. I have had a great smile on my face to see the new pretty items in the store and for giving us the opportunity to rotate the major club items to four directions (Kudos to that!). However, the increase in prices and the decrease of some items' performance values are obviously too much. I do believe that changes have to be at least introduced slowly --- next time, maybe?.


  1. Hey,

    I just purchased the bar storage for $40,000 to add $00+ drinks and it does not seem to be doing anything. i still run out of drinks at the same time and have to refill it manually. Any insight on how to use this add?

    I feel like I spent $40k for nothing


  2. Hello C.T.

    The $40,000 bar storage can only serve 200 drinks. If you buy only one, it will not make much of a difference but for sure, your club will earn a little more $$$.

    I suggest you buy lots of them so it will last longer. I have 24 bar storage canisters in my club and I am not sure... but they only last between 6 to 8 hours and I need to manually refill them again.


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