Saturday, 24 April 2010

Game Pastime: Nightclub City's Extended Downtime Message

Nightclub City, one of the newest Facebook apps has been embraced by a the majority of the players. That's good news! Not many games on Facebook get the attention Nightclub City has been receiving since day 1 of its release.

Along with the many Nightclub City players, I got hooked with the game the very first time I tried it. I did not have very high expectations with this game and just tried it out of curiosity. However, as said, I got hooked and felt that my day was incomplete without logging in to the game at least once a day. It was a bit of a dismay to observe that reaching the next level took a lot of time. Nevertheless, I kept on playing.
Unfortunately, for almost a day now, Nightclub City has been undergoing maintenance, resulting to mixed emotions for the players. It's good though that the creators of Nightclub City has left us a message sometime yesterday on their wall stating:

"All nightclubs are undergoing a bit of maintenance while new content's being added! Sit tight and we'll be back momentarily!"

That message has been a relief knowing that everything's just fine. All that we've needed to do is to "sit tight" because they'll be right back "momentarily". However, momentarily has seemed to be a lifetime for all the Nightclub City players who are eagerly and impatiently waiting for the game to come back online.  

So just most of you who have been tired of sitting in front of your monitors, I've called it a day and get into bed with high hopes that I will be hearing that POP music again in my club by the time I log in to the game when I wake up.  Unfortunately, 11 hours ago, Nightclub City has again left a new message on their wall saying:

"We're sorry for the extended downtime. Our server team is taking some time to completely overhaul the Nightclub City system to increase capacity. We'll be back, bigger and better, and without all the issues we've been having. Check back for updates on our progress and to see upcoming features! Thanks everyone for your patience and support!"

Oh no!  When will the game be up and running again?  I am starting to get upset.  However, since the creators have promised to come back with bigger and better features, I'll wait --- perhaps for another day? [yayks!]  Hmmm... I assume that the game will be back in time before the gamers begin to lose interest with the game.  

To all Nightclub City players, hang in there!  Fingers crossed, the game's going to be fixed soon!

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