Monday, 12 April 2010

Game Pastime: Social City's Royal Casino And Water Slide Pool

I haven't really playing Social City that much anymore. There's not much new items (leisure buildings, residential units, etc.) released from time to time. All I do these days is to log in, renew contracts, clean buildings, harvest population and then log out. I no longer redecorate and rearrange anything at all. I just hope that there will be more new added items soon.

Anyway, if you are wondering how the Royal Casino and the Water Slide Pool look like, here's a screenshot for you (click photo to enlarge):I really like the design of the Royal Casino. It's huge and catchy. The Royal Casino costs 1,000,000 coins and requires a 3x3 grid. Although it's priced that high entails a huge amount of space, it's worth it. Imagine harvesting 2,500 coins by cleaning it every after two hours? It's just like having another contract worth 2,500 coins without the need of renewing it. If you still haven't purchased the Royal Casino for your city, do it. You won't regret having it.

The Water Slide Pool requires a 2x2 grid and costs 360,000 coins. I have totally forgotten about how much coins you'll get after having it cleaned. But I'll update you on that later. [Update: You'll be able to collect 600 coins after cleaning it] Anyway, the Water Slide Pool looks quite nice ---- a lot nicer actually compared to the Public Swimming Pool.

By the way, Social City has released some Japanese residential units and Japanese leisure items. I haven't purchased any of the new stuff yet. I am quite unsure if I want to create a Japanese boulevard in my town or not. We'll see about that later.

Have a pleasant day everyone!

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