Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Game Pastime: The Sushi Bar In Restaurant City

Restaurant City [RC] has been reminding its players for the past days to learn the Salmon Sashimi dish to level 10 in order to avail of a free mystery gift. Many of my friends have tried to reach Salmon Sashimi's golden dish and succeeded. However, in my case, I have been stuck on level 6. Since most of my friend players are in the chase to gather as much wasabi and salmon ingredients to complete the recipe that's "fit for the king", trading for these two very must-have items are almost impossible to achieve these days.

.... However, Playfish is considerate enough to allow us to "gift" wasabi [salmon has been in the gift list for quite sometime now] to our RC neighbors beginning today. Because of this, I've received two wasabis from my neighbors minutes ago [thanks!] and have leveled up my Salmon Sashimi dish to 8. Two more wasabis to go and I will already be able to get my hands on that Sushi Bar! Woo hoo!

So yes, the free mystery gift that Playfish has been telling us about is the awesome Rolling Sushi Bar [released in today's update, April 21, 2010]. It's rolling! Cool graphics! If you still haven't checked it out, I suggest that you go to your restaurant right away and check for the Sushi Bar button:
How can you get the Sushi Bar for your restaurant? Easy. Just level the Salmon Sashimi to 10 to unlock your Sushi Bar!

So what are you waiting for? Don't miss the chance of having this pretty rolling Sushi Bar for your restaurant!

Oooopsss... Do not forget to gift some wasabis and salmons to your friends! Later everyone!

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