Thursday, 22 April 2010

Game Pastime: Those Cute Featured Items In Social City

Social City has been releasing lately a number of cute featured leisure buildings. The first day Playdom has done this [April 16], I've gotten too excited. They've released Baseball Stadium, Triumphant Arch, Parking Garage which are all so adorable! However, I've realized that I can only buy them with City Bucks. Well, better luck nex time!Two mornings ago, I logged in [as usual] and was "wowed" with the new featured items [Leaning Tower, Donut Shop and Baseball Stadium --- as of 20 April 2010] and then again, the "wow" turned into a disappointment because I did not have enough City Bucks to avail any of them. *deep sigh*
There are some new items I can afford using my coins though --- the Baseball Diamond and some new cool terrain items. I will probably do that later!

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