Thursday, 22 April 2010

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

If you want to have an entertaining afternoon in one of the Philadelphia apartments, sitting with the guys, and watching some relaxing programs on television, the sitcom “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is the program for you. This situational comedy centres on the lives of three thirty-something guys who always hang out in their own bar called Paddy’s Pub. This show depicts the funny side of a modern man’s life- how he deals with the relationships, friends and family.

The Main Cast
This show’s creators also star in the sitcom. They are as follows.

•Charlie Day: Charlie
•Danny Devito: Frank Reynolds (Dennis’ dad)
•Glen Howerton: Dennis Reynolds
•Rob McElhenney: Mac
•Kaitlin Olsen: Sweet Dee – the bartender (the only rose among the thorns)

The show was born in 2005 due to the collaboration of McElhenney and his two other friends who also star in the show. It is now in its fifth season and is still going high in the ratings. Danny Devito signed on for the show during the first episode of the second season.

Additional Information

•McElhenney, the creator and producer of the show, was born in Philadelphia, and has created the program to pay homage to his hometown. He now lives in Los Angeles and has done a lot of film and TV work, both behind and in front of the camera.
•You will enjoy this show because it has that kind of humour, which will make you fall from your seat. It will give you an insight into the minds of the male species as they go about their lives and deal with various problems.

This show definitely is a great program that an American male will enjoy with his friends and family members. It is shown on the FX Network. Check your local listings for schedule.

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