Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Nightclub City: Connection Error Issues As Of 28 April 2010

I was so happy that Nightclub City went back online yesterday with updates. There wasn't a lot of new features but at least there were some to take notes of [will blog about the new features later].

Anyhoo, just like the rest of you, I was so excited that the game was on again. Before leaving the game yesterday evening, I levelled up to 24, received a club extension as a reward, redecorated and rearranged my club items, refilled the drinks bar, saved the game and took my beauty rest. I logged in to the game this morning and was surprised to know that my club went back one level lower. Okey, I thought that it wasn't so much of a deal so I had everything running again until after an hour, I went up to level 24. Same thing... I received a club extension as a reward, redecorated and rearranged my club items, refilled the drinks bar and tried to save the game. Unfortunately, I got this pop up message right after clicking the save button:
Awesome! After doing so many things for my club, I got the warning stating that my game couldn't be saved. I was irritated that I left the game and did not log in for awhile. [I mean.... hello! I do have other things to do, too!]

After a couple of hours, I checked the game again and oh my! I got this Nightclub City connection error message:
Okey. Hmmm. Technical difficulties after the almost four [4] - day maintenance? I wonder why. But well, as understanding as possible, I took a 30 minute pause from the game and logged back in only to meet face to face a different Nightclub City connection error message:
What the... 403 Forbidden message? Ouch! As of the moment, I can't figure out what to do anymore. I've tried breathing in and out to help me calm down but I guess I am too upset to keep on trying to give this game another shot. I will be calling it a day and will stay away from Nightclub City at least for today. I just hope that by the time I check my game tomorrow, I will no longer be getting this very annoying messages. Good luck to me!

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