Friday, 30 April 2010

Whiteout 2009

I've watched Whiteout two nights ago with Bebe. It's not an awesome film but it's definitely good. It's been worth our 101 minutes!

Whiteout is an action, crime, drama, mystery and thriller sort of film. It stars the very pretty Kate Beckinsale and is directed by Dominic Sena [Gone in Sixty Seconds, Swordfish]. Along with Beckinsale, this film also stars Gabriel Macht, Tom Skerritt, Columbus Short, Alex O'Loughlin, Shawn Doyle... to name a few.

Plot Summer for Whiteout [quoted from]:

"U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko is three days from the end of her tour at an international research station in Antarctica after which she'll resign. An incident from her past haunts her. The continent's first winter storm is coming when a body, wearing no gear, is discovered in the tundra. She investigates, soon finds more bodies, and must find a motive and a murderer before the storm and her departure. A U.N. agent, Robert Pryce, appears, seemingly out of nowhere, to help. An aging physician about to retire, a nervous mission chief, a downed Soviet plane, and the weather's deadly elements add to the story. Can Carrie trust Pryce and does she still have what it takes? Submitted by"

[Whiteout Official Trailer in HD]
Still haven't watched Whiteout? Maybe it's time for you to see it! Go and enjoy! Watch Whiteout and get surprised!

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