Thursday, 20 May 2010

The Adorable Down Town Game On Facebook

When I started playing Down Town on Facebook about four days ago, I did not really pay so much attention to details. All I did was... I accepted a friend's game Down Town invite so as not to be quoted as a snob.
Down Town's preview game was released sometime in November of 2009 [that, I wasn't aware of]. Somehow, between November up to the first two weeks of February 2010 the game was in silent mood [I assume because the creators behind the game have been busy improving the game during those silent months]. The Down Town creators updated their Down Town Facebook Application Page on the 16th of February 2010 which was the page's second announcement. [I hope I've known about the game earlier!]

First impression of the game: CUTE! Definitely cute! The smiling avatars, the clothes, the furniture --- really adorable! The game has been on Facebook for months but obviously it's still in its testing phase and yet, I haven't encountered any loading issues and bugs since the day I've played which is pretty much surprising, I must say.

As of today, I am on level 3. I am not levelling up so fast in this game but I am happy just checking out my boutique in Down Town at least twice a day. By the way, this is the interior of my shop:
The good thing about this game is that once you've earned enough coins, you can buy some more shops which are located in your Down Town street. My aim is to purchase all the shops which is of course difficult but in time, I know I can make it. My first target is to buy this three-story-building [please refer to the photo below] which costs $9,217. Maybe after two or three days, I will already be able to collect enough coins to finally own this building.
If you still haven't tried this Down Town Facebook App, better check it out!


  1. nyeehehhe!nagiging addict ka na nyan te max!!!

  2. happy playing!!!

  3. Thanks GG!

  4. Haha. Di naman masyado makaaddict GG. Basta visit ko lang ang store once a day para magrestock. Di masyado kumakain ng time. :-)

  5. Thanks for the RT GG! Hugs!


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